Terms & Conditions
1. This is a Hindu matrimonial website where a relative of Vadhu or Vara or SELF intends to search suitable match for arranged marriage. The website permits a person to Signup and then register Vadhu or Vara (Bride or Groom) for whom the details will have to be provided in the Registration form. The same details are displayed to the relevant parties on criteria of date of birth, height, gotra and category. Minimum age limit for marriage under as per law is as below: Boy - 21 years Girl - 18 years.
2. The signed up relative should declare, at the time of registration or edited anytime later, that the inputs provided are true and correct by ticking the check box provided at the time of submission of the form.
3. The search option allows the signed up relative to view all inputs provided including the details of the signed-up person, contact of the parents and relevant details.
4. The parties are free to contact the selected profiles and take it up further depending on the practice followed by the respective families.
5. The parties are free to ignore the unsuitable profiles.
6. All the registrants get to see additional matching profiles as and when new registrations happen.
7. Background checking and verification of family or of the Vadhu or Vara do not come under the purview of the operations of the website. Hence, the parties are advised to further enquire about the other party to their satisfaction.
8. The contact details mentioned by the parties are to be used only for the purpose for which registration has been done and not to be shared or used with any third party for any commercial purpose or otherwise.
9. The website is developed with a true intention of connecting the people for the right alliance. The inputs are provided by the signed-up person for which we do not vouch the correctness of the contents. However, any unintended errors should be brought to the app admin for correction or modification.
10. Saptapadi-Soulmate website is open to first marriage, widow/widower/divorcee marriage. However these marriages have to be performed in complaince with applicable laws, rules and social customs and mutual understanding of Vadhu and Vara.
11. The fee for the registration being collected is non-returnable irrespective of whether the right match was found through this website or not. The registration is valid for a period of One year and is renewable by payment of renewal fees.
12. The profiles not renewed after the lapse of one year will not appear in search result.
13. The profile registered must be deactivated once the marriage is finalised. The website Admins are not responsible for continued enquiries by interested parties, if not deactivated.
14. Parents are free to consider or not in pursuing the matter further. Each party has to maintain the strict social rules, and any interaction between the parties should to be just, reasonable and prudent.
15. The owners or the developers of the App are not responsible for any issues arising between the parties now or any time later. In case of any disagreement on any issue between the parties have to be closed by dis-engagement in the best interest of all and no offensive communication is allowed between the parties. The objective is to promote good relation and harmony between the parties irrespective of result of the match.
16. Signed up person, Vadu, Vara and parents are believed to be natural living and identifiable persons.
17. Vadhu means female and Vara means male.
18. For any help to correct non-editable details, please email the particulars to saptapadi@kouchanindia.com Corrections will be made after due scrutiny.
19. The Team Spatapadi-Soulmate has complete authority to add or change or delete any of these terms and conditions without any notice and merely a change here, amounts to implementation of change. Therefore, all are requested to view the terms and conditions as often as possible. In case anyone is not agreeable to any of the terms and conditions of the website, he or she may opt out of this website by deactivating the registration.