Kou-Chan Technologies Pvt. Ltd has developed user friendly applications.

Saptapadi-Soulmate is another product which has gained popularity within a short period of time.

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Our website has proven to be a self-search tool to find most suitable profiles you look for. The website gives the search results considering Gotra/Category, height and date of birth of Vadhu and Vara. The Saptapadi-Soulmate website is developed with much thought given to the expectations of the seekers. This initial filtration by our software makes it possible to get most preferred profiles and leaves less chances of rejection.

The website has a free sign up facility after paying a nominal fee. The user (relative/self) will have to provide details in the Registration Form and submit. Immediately, the search option provides a view of the suitable profiles among those registered. Simultaneously, suitable profiles of each of the registered Vadhu or Vara is shown to other party.

The parents of Vadhu or Vara are free to communicate with each other personally since the contact details such as phone numbers and email id are provided as mentioned at the time of registration.

The registration of the Vadhu and Vara could be deactivated by the signup person at any time or when the marriage is finalized. The registration is valid and active for a period of one year from the date of registration, after which renewal process has to be followed.